We will explore those aspects of your life that are challenging.

We will confront your issues. 

We will ignite extraordinary change in your life.


Creating a Strong Therapeutic Relationship with You

I will work to create a safe and respectful environment by connecting with what you are sharing and expressing positive regard and interest. I emphasize a collaborative, client-centered approach. I frequently ask clients for feedback to ensure their needs are being met. Therapy can be hard, and I will encourage you to push beyond your normal comfort zone.

Focusing on Your Motivations and Goals

We will discuss your specific goals for therapy and how we will evaluate your progress towards those goals. We will orient our work around your motivations for change. Understanding your desire for change will lead to a deeper awareness of strategies for success.


ensuring Cultural Sensitivity

We are all impacted by our cultural and environmental contexts. In our work, we will consider these factors. I consider cultural sensitivity to be critical in establishing a successful therapeutic relationship. The interplay of our identities is a valuable tool in our work.

Empowering You

We will bring forth hidden strengths and develop new skills that you can utilize to improve your situation. By emphasizing that you are not the problem, you will realize that you can take control of your situation. I will also teach you coping strategies, encourage you to expose yourself to your fears, and help you to re-evaluate your cognitive thought processes.


Improving Your Relational Patterns

Relating to others is a core human need. Examining past relationship patterns can be a vital tool to improve your current relationships. Challenging ourselves to build better relationships is at the heart of therapeutic work.