Young Adults

Young adulthood is a time of immense change. Young adults face challenges to make decisions on their own, choose careers, attain experience that will make them stand out in a competitive job market, and create their independent adult identity. Managing these tasks can be quite difficult.

In our work together, you'll have a secure space to think about how your life is changing, your future, and your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. We will explore how the developmental tasks of young adulthood are impacting you and create strategies to help.

Photo by sturti/iStock / Getty Images

Over years of experience, I have developed techniques to help young adults. I look forward to working with you.


  • UC Berkeley Counseling and Psychological Services - Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Indiana University Counseling and Psychological Services - Doctoral Intern
  • City College of San Francisco Student Health Services - Practicum Trainee
  • Indiana University - M.S. in Higher Education & Student Affairs, Concentration in Counseling